Madyon are a rock band formed in Cuneo (IT) in 2012 by lead vocalist/guitarist Cristian Barra. The other members of the band are Giorgio Prandino (guitar), Paolo Bergese (bass) and Michele Cera (drums).

Since the beginning the band joined the music industry with an international approach and a clear detailed project. Thanks to a private audio/video recording studio owned by the band, they started a YouTube channel that fastly reached incredible numbers. Thanks to this approch, from their first live show, MADYON performed on the main stage of big festivals like Collisioni Festival (IT) of Reset Festival (IT), as opening act for famous artists like Jamiroquai and Elton john.

Based on their decleared british influences, the music produce by Madyon can be defined as britpop, alternative-rock or indie-rock.

“I never thought of being a good guitarist, a good singer or a good composer. I’m good in being Cristian Barra from Madyon.”

Cristian Barra

Singer/Songwriter from Madyon

With these words the frontman of the band describes the attitude of Madyon. Not just a band who produced music but a whole world where they leave clues related to what the meaning of life is for them. Music videos, album covers, graphics, live shows, lyrics and music. Everything is designed with a view from the top. Everything is part of a bigger project.

Since the beginning Madyon decided to work on their original music trying to reach the highest sound quality that the international scene could offer. This decision took the band all around Europe and working with top international sound engineer like Christian Wright and Geoff Pesche (Coldplay, Ed Sheeran, Mumford & Sons) at Abbey Road Studios in London.

On September 2014 the band has released “Miracle EP” their first original EP that entered the Top 100 album chart in Italy. On May 2016 the band has released their second EP called “Roll The Shadows” that entered the Top 10 Album Chart in Italy.

In the same period (2016/2017) they’ve introduced the “Roll The Shadows Tour” with over 20 gigs all around Europe (UK, France, Italy).

In 2018-2019 the band introduced their new VEVO channel releasing three singles called “Staring At The Sun”, “I Miss You” and “Blood”, mastered at Abbey Road Studios in London by Christian Wright, Geoff Pesche and Gabriele Giudici.

In 2020 the band as been officially featured in the PS4 videogame Assetto Corsa Competizione, both with “Staring At The Sun” for the Lamborghini gameplay trailer and the unreleased track “Runaway” in the PS4 music theme.

On May 2022 the band has released “MADYON :: LIVE 3022” their first live album and live movie with all the best songs from the band and the brand new single “Here To Stay”.

On 30 January 2023 the band released “ONE LAST TIME – MADYON :: LIVE 3022 @ CUNEO”, a full length 96 minute live show, announcing the end of their story.

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Michele Cera

Drums / Piano

Giorgio Prandino


Cristian Barra

Vocals / Guitar

Paolo Bergese

Bass / Synth